Luke's Featured Food-Maker: Black Jet Baking Co.

Luke's Featured Food-Maker: Black Jet Baking Co.

We are excited to devote this blog post to Black Jet Baking Co, a long time partner, and friend of Luke’s Local! Black Jet has been working with Luke’s since the very beginning. Early on, Black Jet was producing their classic American baked goods and treats out of Luke’s commissary kitchen, The Fox Den. While we dearly miss the cake tops and warm cookies we used to get when BJB was a Fox Den resident, we’re thrilled they have opened their very own bakery in Bernal Heights, at 833 Cortland Ave! Read on to learn more about Black Jet’s story, their bakers, and their new treats in this interview with the lady who started it all, Gillian Shaw:

What’s the story of Black Jet Baking Co?

Black Jet started in 2010. We started small, only delivering cookies and bars to a handful of coffee shops around the city.  Our very first account was with Ritual Coffee Roasters on Valencia Street. Ritual has been with us since day one and continues to be a stellar partner! In the beginning, to make our presence known in the city, we dropped off cookie samples to every shop we liked throughout San Francisco. Our little business really took off when our Pop Tarts were picked up by some local press.  After that, we began reaching our customers through a shop at the Ferry Building and awesome local grocery delivery services like Luke’s!  Our shop opened a few months ago and it has been quite the process!  We have, as you know, been a wholesaler working out of shared kitchen spaces for the entire life of the business.  When we got the call to check out the space on Cortland, I almost passed out at how perfect an opportunity it was for Black Jet!  We are deliriously tired and thrilled to be in our own space and able to see our customers in the flesh!

Who are the bakers?


Before opening the shop at the Ferry Building, I was working as a buyer for the Culinary School at the Art Institute.  Jojo was a star student there and the pastry chef instructor told me that I just HAD to meet this shy, tall rockstar of a baker who would be perfect for Black Jet.  Jojo started as an intern and has been with me ever since.  She is creative, sweet, hilarious and is a huge part of the growth and development of who Black Jet has become!  Her creations include some of my favorite items we sell, the S’Mores Cookie as well as our in-house made fluff.  When she isn’t baking, she is giving her boss a heart attack by skateboarding all around the city.


Max is a born and raised San Franciscan.  We met while working at the Liberty in Bernal Heights.  He has made a triumphant return to Black Jet after taking some time away to work the savory side of things at Zuni and Marla Bakery.  To say I am delighted to be working with him again on the daily is a massive understatement, he is talented, hard working and determined to make the best damn croissants, danishes, and sandwiches imaginable.  

What have been some of the new and exciting things you guys have created especially for the bakery?

CROISSANTS! DANISH! BREAKFAST SANDWICHES! We are so excited to be working these new flavors into our menu! As mentioned above, Max has worked very hard to create the Black Jet laminated program and I am so excited.  We have 4 flavors of danish each day, croissants, bostocks and muffins.

What are your favorite BJB show stoppers?

Boston Cream Croissant

This one is the brainchild of my genius sister Jen Beam. A Croissant filled with pastry cream and drizzled with chocolate

Boston Cream Pie

it is allllways about the MASS with me! golden yellow cake filled with pastry cream & topped with ganache.


Our signature latte featuring our favorite Marshmallow FLUFF which hails from Somerville, MA.


Our rolls are pretty amazing.  Growing up in Worcester, MA, my family would buy rolls and bagels on Water Street, which was home to two legendary Jewish bakeries. My favorite, Widoffs had the BEST bulkies & we make a version at BJB, for our sandwiches!  


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