Luke's Featured Food-maker: Nana Joes

Luke's Featured Food-maker: Nana Joes

We love to hear a story that resonates with so many of us at Luke’s - and Nana Joes’ story is one of our favorites. Michelle Pustaeri’s journey to delicious, real granola with integrity and a story begins in her family’s kitchen.

Starting with blissful and messy pasta and pizza making sessions with her father, Michelle has always found comfort in the kitchen. Her family taught her that good food is about wholesome ingredients, prepared with love and care - a concept beautifully illustrated by the polaroid photograph of Michelle’s parents in 1968, laughing after a home-cooked meal. Her Italian grandmother Ignacia was “Nana” and both of her grandfathers were Joseph, and so Nana Joes was born.

Michelle developed the delicious granola we know and love when she needed something nourishing to sustain her through long surf sessions. Her mission, inspired by the way handmade food brings people together, was to bring a healthy, fresh breakfast free of refined sugars, additives, and preservatives back to the kitchen table. She’s not only created a tasty, nourishing granola we can feel good about, but she’s also built a food business that’s passionate about community. They work hard to promote transparency and community in the ingredients they use and where they source them, how they operate within their business, and the way they communicate with their customers.

Nana Joes is a family, women owned and operated business with no VC backing. They’re also now officially a SF Green business, certified gluten free, and on its way to a non-GMO verification! Growing organically has given them the flexibility to continue to improve their standards. From switching to extra virgin olive oil in 2015, to sourcing certified organic and gluten free oats this year, their granola game continues to impress! Their mission of “community before profit” rings true in their commitment to product integrity, healthy employee wages, and the freshest granola on the market.

Nana Joes Granola stands for real ingredients, product integrity, and good vibes. At Luke’s Local, we’re thrilled to be able to work with vendors like Nana Joes to bring their unbeatable products straight to your doorstep.