Luke's Featured Food-Maker: Nourish Baking

Luke's Featured Food-Maker: Nourish Baking

This month’s featured food-maker is local favorite Nourish Baking, or more specifically Tonette Chow! Tonette is the driving one-woman force behind Nourish Baking. Read on to learn more about Tonette’s story, a spotlight on a few of her favorite treats, and why she’s made a deliberate effort to make sure her delectable treats are free of ingredients such as refined sugar, gluten, and grains.


What is Nourish Baking’s origin story?


The idea for NOURISH started from a personal need to find convenient whole

food-based snacks.  With a family history of type 2 diabetes, I had to

make dietary changes when I saw my blood glucose begin to rise over the

years. I made a lot of changes to my diet, exercise, and lifestyle but

eliminating grains made the biggest immediate impact on my blood sugar.  I

wouldn’t have been able to maintain a grain-free diet if I couldn’t find a

way to enjoy making and eating baked goods so I started experimenting,

and….NOURISH was born!  NOURISH is a cross between my passion for good

health and baked goods.  Whole food is an important part of my (mostly)

clean diet and, therefore, an important part and key element of NOURISH

products. Finding convenient packaged food while maintaining a clean diet

wasn’t easy but, NOURISH has helped to change that.  Now…not all packaged

foods have to be processed too.


Who are the bakers?


Primarily me for now!  It’s a lot of work but I love being creative with

food and sharing healthier products and my growing knowledge with people.

I also love that my work reinforces my diet and healthier lifestyle.

NOURISH is growing though and always looking for enthusiastic

health-minded folks who are looking for a creative outlet and are open to



Why Paleo?


Eliminating processed foods and emphasizing whole foods, lean proteins,

vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats was a big improvement for me and, I

believed, for a lot of people!  Eliminating grains and beans helped me

reduce inflammation and turned my path towards metabolic disease around.

It’s actually helped me “reset” my system so I can more effectively digest

whole grains, seeds and beans on the occasions when I have them now.


What are a few of your favorite show stopping treats from Nourish?


So hard to choose one because each flavor has a unique feature.  Like, the

Pumpkin Streusel Spice, offered year-round, which has the lowest amount of

sugar of all flavors.  The Dark Chocolate Fudgy is grain and nut free and,

when warm, tastes just like a chocolate molten cake.  Then there’s the

Orange Spiced Gingerbread, available during the holiday season, that

reminds me of a warm, nurturing cup of chai - mmm!

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Tonette - and for nourishing our souls with such wholesome treats! Pick up Nourish Baking goods at our brick & mortar at 960 Cole St, or order online and get it delivered right to your door!