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Luke's Featured Maker: Abanico Coffee Roasters

Luke's Featured Maker: Abanico Coffee Roasters

We’re very excited to feature this week’s local coffee connoisseur, barista, and roaster extraordinaire, Ana Valle, of Abanico Coffee Roasters, as our Featured Maker this week! Read on to learn more about the history behind Ana’s love of coffee and her inspiration to continue to grow her business and learn at every turn.

Ana Valle’s connection to coffee begins with her roots in El Salvador; her family’s tradition of serving cup after cup of coffee at gatherings and her “abuelita’s perfect cafecito” have influenced her love of the craft and inspired her to create her own coffee roasting company, Abanico.

The name “Abanico” is the word for a hand-held fan in Spanish. Like the simple and expressive art of crafting a beautiful fan, as well as the older, traditional manner of seductively communicating through the language of the fan, or lenguaje del abanico, Abanico Coffee Roasters puts out a product that is simple, distinct, and refined.

Though she started off roasting from her home, Ana was interested in all facets of the coffee business, and soon learned everything from the farming and processing of various bean varieties, to roasting and cupping techniques, to the art and skill of working as a barista. Her passion for coffee, from bean to cup, shows in her dedication to the craft and to her product!

Accredited by the Coffee Quality Institute, Ana is a Q grader and maintains a high level of quality in her own roasts, always learning and developing more so she can share her love and knowledge through the perfect cafecito! Lola’s Blend, featured on our site, is named for her lovable dog, Lola - which, in our opinion, is the perfect thing to start off any day.