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Luke's Featured Maker: ReGrained

Luke's Featured Maker: ReGrained

We’re so excited to feature this week’s local maker, ReGrained. Keep reading to learn their story, their products, and why it’s so delicious to eat beer!


If you haven’t heard of ReGrained or tried one of their fantastic granola bars yet, this blog is for you. ReGrained began when founders Dan & Jordan started brewing beer at UCLA. They soon discovered that the grains remaining after the brewing process were tasty and loaded with protein, fiber, and a ton of nutrients.

The logical next step was to turn these leftover grains into granola bars - and so ReGrained was born. They rescue the nutritious grain created every time beer is brewed and upcycle it into their tasty bars.

Today, they harvest these nutritious grains into Supergrain+ flour, which is the basis of all their snacks. These bars have a stacked nutritional profile and a low environmental impact. So, not only are you getting a seriously power-packed snack great for long bike rides, hikes, or road trips, but you’re helping eliminate food waste, too.

Made right here in San Francisco, ReGrained is one of our favorite local makers! They’re passionate, creative, and making the world a less wasteful place while also turning out some of the tastiest snacks around! You can always find their bars in our Pantry section; order them today for delivery to your door tomorrow.