Spring Produce Update: Citrus is done, folks!

Spring Produce Update: Citrus is done, folks!

As the seasons change and the spring and summer crops roll in from our partner farms, we’re reminded how lucky we are to live in Northern California, a place that offers a vibrant and delicious mix of produce this time of year! Spring onions, baby lettuces, cucumbers, and more come out just in time for picnics, BBQs, and beach days.

We talked with our produce buyers, Paul Tripp and Ethan Brodowski, about their favorite spring and summer crops to keep an eye out for.

Both Ethan and Paul are especially excited about berry season. Strawberries from Swanton Farm and Blueberries from Triple Delight are customer and staff favorites, but our buyers also love working with these farms because of their farming and labor practices.

Swanton is one of a few certified organic berry growers in the region that also implements union labor. As a result, they’re a very sustainable farm from both an environmental perspective and a labor practice perspective. This isn’t common enough in this industry, so we’re thrilled to be able to work with them. They’re also big practitioners of crop rotation, which is why they also grow peas, cauliflower and other brassicas. These give nitrates back into the soil, which helps the strawberries grow. Swanton grows mainly Chandler strawberries, which have a really great flavor, but a short shelf life, so be sure to grab them when you can!

Triple Delight Farm is located in the foothills of the Sierras in Northern California, where the most favored blueberries come from. We’re lucky to be able to feature these delightful berries, as most blueberries otherwise come from the Pacific Northwest. Triple Delight is a family farm that also maintains high standards for how they treat their workers. They grow hardy varieties of juicy, delicious blueberries that last a long time.

Paul is also very excited to feature a variety of flowers from Thomas Farm. What you’ll find in season now are sunflowers, dahlias, and cosmos. They grow many varieties, in addition to seasonal vegetables like tomatoes. Thomas Farm is organic and also treat their workers well, increasing the price of their flowers to ensure their workers have a living wage.

These are some of Ethan and Paul’s favorite producers of these fruits and flowers, so we’re especially excited to share them with our customers and readers. Getting berries from California farms in this region is important to us and to our customers. On top of that, the quality shines, letting the berries speak for themselves. Our buyers advise keeping an eye out for peaches from Twin Girls Produce and Blossom Bluff Orchard. Stone fruit is right around the corner and melon season is creeping up on us, as well, so stay tuned for a summer produce update from us in the next few weeks!