Our Team

Luke’s Local delivers delicious local food that helps people eat well.

Our creative culinary team whips up delicious new dishes every week, ready for you to enjoy. We also partner with local farms and food companies to stock your kitchen with a rotating selection of fresh ingredients like farm eggs, local meats, organic dairy products, and artisan goods. Then, we make it all available to order online and our dedicated delivery team brings your order right to your door.


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Founder/CEO - Luke Chappell

Operating my own food business has been something I’ve wanted to do all my life. As an 11 year old I produced all-organic bagels 7 days a week for the general store in a small mid-coast Maine community. I called it Luke’s Heavenly Bagels and the logo was an image of a bagel with a halo and wings. Today I run Luke’s Local - a company dedicated to delivering delicious local food to homes and offices around the Bay Area. I am driven by supporting a community of talented people and am grateful it’s what I do everyday. When I’m not working you’ll find me at the beach with my dog Poppy or playing squash.

Culinary Director - Nick Rappoport

Nick Rappoport, a Sonoma County native, started his cooking career young, apprenticing under Chef Manuel Azevedo of La Salette Restaurant. His fresh, local and seasonal cooking is influenced by working at restaurants such as The French Laundry, Serpentine, and Outerlands. His travels throughout Spain, Italy, and France have taught him that food could give one a sense of place in addition to being simple and delicious, and he tries to bring out that feeling in all of his dishes. Nick is most excited about working with a dedicated, hardworking and fun team here at Luke’s Local.

Sous Chef - Samuel Adams

Sam Adams, a Bay Area born and raised native, started cooking in his family owned restaurant of 40 years at the young age of 11. With his love of food and passion for the artistry of baking, he would soon seek out the best of both worlds with the goal of becoming a talented chef with unlimited abilities. After graduating from The California Culinary Academy in 2003, he continued to hone his culinary craft throughout the city of San Francisco, the Bay Area and Pennsylvania by working for restaurants like Copenhagen Bakery, Chris’s Restaurant and Fine Catering, Blissful Kitchen, Lilah Belle’s and Bakesale Betty’s - to name a few. His passion for healthy, bold and “flavor bursting” meals is inspired by his love and dedication for fitness and nutrition. His motto “when you put good in, it will show” is his driving force to create locally farmed and sustainably harvested dishes that are not only delicious, but also nourish the mind, body and soul. Sam is eager to share his favorite dishes and excited to work with the amazing chef team at Luke’s Local.

Manager of Online Sales - Kayleigh Kahn

After graduating with a sociology degree from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY, Kayleigh moved to Brooklyn and spent a year working in the local food scene there. Looking for a larger food community and a warmer climate, she moved to the Bay Area in January of 2015 and started working at Luke’s Local in February. Kayleigh has always loved food, and tries to cook and eat new recipes as often as possible. She’s passionate about nutrition, public health, and changing the food system for the better. When she’s not snacking at the Fox Den, you can find her in a local yoga class or hiking in Marin.

Manager of Customer Experience & Business Development - Justin Montante

Hailing from Petaluma, CA, Justin began to develop his interest in local food systems studying at UC Santa Barbara, while earning a degree in Environmental Studies. After taking a course on sustainable agriculture, he knew that he wanted to contribute in a company with a mission centered around food sustainability. After college Justin worked for a few different food-centric companies, before a 4+ year stint in the solar power industry. He joined Luke’s to re-immerse himself in the Bay Area food scene, and surround himself with like minded food lovers! When not at work, you can find Justin cycling in Marin, cooking at home, or sampling a fine beer or cocktail in North Beach.

Customer Experience & Ops Associate - Emily Lubomirsky

A daughter of Ukrainian-Jewish immigrants, Emily knew from a very early age that the most interesting place to be in any house is the kitchen. After moving up to the Bay Area and working at high-end grocery retail through college, she realized she wanted to pursue working in the food world full time. On the weekends, Emily enjoys going on day trips around the bay area, cooking with her friends and family, and hanging out with her baby nephew.

Deli Manager - Dustin Vaught

Dustin grew up in the swamps and the coastal plains of Georgia, which exposed him early on to BBQ and seafood. He has spent the better part of the last decade working in and around restaurants. After college, he decided to dedicate himself full time to the craft and remains excited to always be learning more about the culinary arts. He’s a newlywed and a recent transplant to the Bay Area. His wife accepted a job as a Professor and finally dragged him out of the swamp for good. 


Line Cook - Luis Hernández

Luis is originally from El Salvador and has lived in Daly City for almost 10 years. He began working at Luke’s Local in the summer of 2016 and enjoys working with our kitchen team. In his free time, likes to spend time with his friends, playing sports and other activities.

Line Cook - Alex Ruiz

Alex is originally from Mexico and was raised in Los Alamos, a small town in central California. He’s traveled all over the southwest, including Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas, and he moved to San Francisco a year ago. He has been working in restaurant kitchens, and catering services and came here seeking more great opportunities. In his free time, he enjoys playing music, as well as painting and drawing.

CTO - Tomás Gutierrez

Tomás has been creating digital products for over a decade. Originally from Colombia, he joined his first tech company while finishing his comp-sci/engineering and entrepreneurship & management degree at University of Minnesota. He spent 6 years working his way into the executive ranks at Accenture as part of the Architecture Innovation group, where he led the architecture design, delivery, and operations for multiple high profile web apps for world renowned clients. After some worldwide adventuring and soul searching, Tomás found his way to San Francisco, where he joined Scalable Path at its infancy. There he worked to grow the organization to what it is today, and led many product development projects for clients. At the same time, he’s a serial entrepreneur with a few ideas out in the market, as well as always playing with new ones when time allows. Tomás is also a helpless autodidact, nutrition-health-wellness nut, technology aficionado, philosophically bent, squash addicted, adventure seeking, and nature loving human.

Head of Meat Department - Paula McDade

Korean-born and D.C.-raised Chef Paula McDade got her first job in restaurants at 15 before heading to the French Culinary Institute in NYC a few years later.  She got her cooking chops at highly regarded institutions such as Gramercy Tavern in NYC, Quince in SF, and the Boot & Shoe Service in Oakland.  Her time in these restaurants and her Korean background greatly influence her cooking style: big flavors, locally sourced produce, and above all, respect for the ingredients.

Commissary Butcher - Renato Yedra

Renato was raised in Mexico City and grew up learning the family business from his grandparents. After moving to the U.S., he worked at several places, including Niman Ranch, Marin Sun Farms, Golden Gate Meat Company, Real Food Company, Gus’s Market, and seasonally with BN Ranch. He was also on winning teams four times in a row at the prestigious butchery contest at the Eat Real Fest in Oakland! Renato joined Luke’s Local in November of 2016 and is very happy and grateful to be a part of the team.

Perishables Buyer - Paul Tripp

Paul, originally from Seattle, has been living and working in the Bay Area for 12 years. He attended Culinary and Baking & Pastry school in Rhode Island and spent 10 years working in restaurants and bakeries. He also worked with Hidden Star Orchard, working at farmers markets for 8 years before managing the farm’s operations. He joined the Luke’s Local Operations Team in October 2016. In his free time, he enjoys rock climbing, cooking, hiking, and keeping the coffee flowing at the Fox Den.

Driver - Justin Torres

Justin Torres is currently a student at Skyline College, studying computer science and working on a minor in culinary arts. He began working with the Luke’s Local team in the summer of 2015. In his free time, he enjoys watching Anime and playing video games, as well as hiking and adventuring around the area with friends.

Line Cook - Ana Diaz

Ana was born and raised in El Salvador, and graduated with a degree in business and administration. She came to the U.S. with her parents 15 years ago. 2 years after her arrival, she discovered her passion to work with food. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and she likes to be outdoors, hiking and exploring small towns

Line Cook - Patricia Rodriguez

Patricia, a San Francisco resident for 20 years, has 3 sons and a boyfriend. She’s worked at many restaurants as a line cook for about 13 years, as well as a teacher’s assistant in classrooms of 3 to 5-year-olds - though her real passion is cooking. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her family in the park, running, and going to Zumba classes. She also loves to watch her son play soccer every Saturday, and she loves cooking for her family every evening. She’s very proud to be a part of Luke’s Local; she learns more about cooking every day from everyone on the team. For Patricia, it’s really important to cook with love and patience so that the food is delicious.

Prep Cook - Antonio Kauil

Antonio Kauil is from Yucatan, Mexico and has lived in San Francisco for the past 9 years. He’s married with 4 sons, 3 of whom are already in college. He has two jobs and works hard to save money to pay for his sons’ education and to start his own business someday in the future in Mexico. In Mexico, he was a farmer and grew corn, tomatoes, watermelons, peanuts, and many other vegetables. In his free time, he likes to watch sports, go for walks by the beach, and cook at home.