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Our Community

At Luke’s, we believe in building a community that lives and breathes environmentally sound, humane, economically viable, and socially just practices on a daily basis. Our farmers, producers, and team do just that, as well as producing delicious and high-quality food that we know you’ll enjoy.

We go one step further and exemplify this belief over in our headquarters, affectionately known as the Fox Den, it’s located in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood. A gathering place, shared kitchen, and event space, the Fox Den is where the magic happens. This hub of artisanal food production supports the company’s spirit of collaboration by cultivating community and helping to strengthen the connections and synergies between talented food makers. We invite customers (and the food-loving community at large) to tour the 4,300 sq ft facility to meet the makers and see where their delicious food items and meals are produced and packaged in Luke’s Local’s signature mealboxes.

Le Dix-Sept Pâtisserie

Owners Cyril and Michelle met in France while working in a Paris kitchen. A native of France, Cyril’s experience spans many Michelin starred restaurants in Normandy, Paris and San Francisco, including Benu and Saison. Michelle’s experience includes training in Paris at the renowned Michelin starred houses of Joël Robuchon, L’Angle du Faubourg, and Agapé. With this experience, they launched Le Dix-Sept Pâtisserie to create a unique contribution to the culinary world. Le Dix-Sept develops and creates nature-inspired confections and pastry including their signature Le Dix-Sept Nougat, caramels, tarts, quiche and cannelés.

Mariquita Farm

Mariquita, which means Ladybug in Spanish, is a small family farm near Watsonville, CA that grows heirloom and specialty vegetables, greens, strawberries, and herbs, all while practicing sustainable principles and staying focused on the bigger environmental picture. Follow Andy and the farm on Facebook here for updates on their produce as well as awesome recipes and tips.


Riverdog Farm

Partners Tim Mueller and Trini Campbell, along with their daughter and 50 full-time employees, keep this Capay Valley farm going year-round. You can taste their seasonal, certified organic produce through their weekly CSA, wholesale distributors, select retail markets, and at all Berkeley Farmers’ Markets.


Tory Farm

Tory Farms has been owned and operated by the Torosians for over 50 years, and boasts 80-acres of farmland at the foot of Smith Mountain in Dinuba, Ca. The Torosians call their farm “The Magic Ranch” because of the scenic beauty and abundant wildlife that inhabit their land. They also believe that delicious, wholesome produce can only be the result of growing on a healthy and happy farm.


Hamada Farm

Hamada Farms has been in the Hamada family since 1921 and is known for their delicious fruits. Their orchards occupy 235 acres in the Kingsburg area. The Hamadas love to experiment with new fruit varieties, introducing 5-8 new cultivars every year.


Brokaw Ranch Company

Hank and Ellen Brokaw started their ranching operation in 1967. The Brokaw Ranch Company specializes in intensively farmed avocado, specialty citrus, and subtropical tree-fruit production. They aim to consistently produce plentiful crops of top-quality fruit while being good stewards of all resources: soil, water, and people. The Brokaw family earnestly pursues the introduction of new and superior avocado, citrus, and subtropical tree-fruit varieties for its patrons.


Everything Under the Sun

Bill Crepps began farming in 1987 after completing a graduate degree in alternative farming techniques. Everything Under the Sun is comprised of 5 plots - 28 acres - of land in Winters. Bill encourages biological diversity in his wide variety of crops on the farm. He farms using organic practices and does not use any synthetic chemicals. Everything Under the Sun dries many of its products, including fully ripe fruit, and no preservatives are added, so that their delicious products are available year-round.

Iacopi Farm

Upon his arrival from Italy in 1939, Louis Iacopi’s father, Michael, settled in Pescadero, where he learned to farm. In 1962, Louis began his farming career with 200 acres in Half Moon Bay. He farmed there until 1979, when he moved the farm to its current location, where Louis and his son, Mike, now maintain 165 leased acres. To maintain soil fertility, the Iacopis use synthetic fertilizers in combination with cover crops and compost. They use herbicides only when necessary—usually in the winter, when the ground is too wet for the tractors.


Zuckerman's Farm

Roscoe Zuckerman is the third generation farming their land. His grandfather (also named Roscoe) arrived in the Delta area in the 1920s and fell in love with the rich soil. Zuckerman’s Farm is located on an “island” in the Delta region formed by the San Joaquin and Sacramento rivers flowing toward the San Francisco Bay. The water is held at bay by levees that surround the farmland. The Zuckermans once had upwards of 15,000 acres in the area. Over the years, the farm has survived many floods. All members of the Zuckerman family have been part of the farm in one way or another. When asked what he likes most about farming, Roscoe replies, “I like knowing that I’m doing something that others are enjoying and that I’m helping to feed the world.”


Happy Belly Health

We are proud to partner with Happy Belly Health, a group of Bay Area nutritionists who work with clients on improving digestion, reaching optimal weight, amplifying energy levels, and solving particular health issues. Their approach balances a number of things, from science, to intuition, to flexibility, discipline, and compassion - to name a few. Get on to the road to optimal health with their expertise and guidance - and enjoy their recommended items on our weekly menus while you do it!

Black Jet Bakery

Black Jet is a small San Francisco baking company committed to making delicious, fun treats and baked goods. Gillian and her amazing sidekick JoJo create delicious, classic American baked goods and treats. They can often be found listening to music at outrageously high volumes, laughing hysterically while frosting cakes, making pies, scooping cookie dough or jamming our famous PoP dough with delicious fillings.

Nola Bar

Four years ago, after decades spent dealing with severe digestive issues, I was introduced to the Paleo diet and began to overhaul my eating habits by eliminating disruptive grains, dairy, corn, refined sugars and legumes from my diet. Guess what? Absolute MAGIC. But for a girl who loves to bake, the new lifestyle seemed both a blessing and a curse. So I took to the kitchen in search of healthy alternatives and fell, head over heels, with a snack chock full of good-for-you ingredients… the Nola bar. After hundreds of iterations, a family move from Toronto to SF, and tiny home kitchen batches to the big ovens of Luke’s Local, the evolution of my handcrafted Nola bar has been a true labor of love, and I’m so excited to share the love with all of you.

McGinnis Ranch

Howard and Polly McGinnis operate this 17.5 acre, Watsonville farm along with six other seasonal workers. They offer an assortment of vegetables and flowers that are picked and packed the day before the market. McGinnis Ranch is a steep property that allows for maximum sun exposure and greatly extends the farm’s growing season.


County Line Harvest

David Retsky was raised in Los Angeles but rejected the urban life early on. He attended the UC Santa Cruz Farm and Garden Apprenticeship Program in 1994 then spent the majority of his twenties traveling and working on farms internationally and around the US. In 2000, at the age of 29, he started County Line Harvest. The farm is in full production year-round, but around 25% of the land is cover-cropped at any given time.

Yerena Farm

After growing strawberries for Driscoll with their parents for 12 years, Brothers Apolinar (“Poli”) and Gilberto Yerena decided to lease their own farm. They began in 1982 growing conventionally, but in response to market demand converted five trial acres to organic. The organic fruit sold so well they eventually decided to transition the entire farm to organic.


GL Alfieri

Gary Alfieri’s grandfather starting farming in 1926 and Gary’s father began working on the farm when he returned from serving in the army during World War II. Gary and his two brothers and sister were raised on the farm and grew up farming alongside their father. Gary took over the farm when his father passed away and raised his four children on the farm.


Heirloom Organics

Grant Brians has been farming organically since 1975 and acquired Heirloom Organics in 2006. The farm grows an array of open-pollinated (heirloom) varieties of vegetables and herbs that have been passed down for many generations and uses a combination of organic and biodynamic techniques. Heirloom Organics spans 175 acres in the Hollister area and was the second member of the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) on the Central Coast.