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Our Mission

Our Mission

We’re all about helping busy people eat well.  To us that means providing a service that connects our busy customers with hard working chefs, butchers, farmers, ranchers and food-makers and all their nutritious local goods. 

Our Business Values

  1. We believe that working professionals have little time to think about or shop for their every meal. We also believe  that we can stand in their shoes and be thoughtful about ingredients, recipes, and cost such that they will appreciate the superior convenience, creativity, and quality of a Luke’s Local meal at home or at work.
  2. We believe that food and environmental sustainability require organic farming practices and that locally grown food is environmentally sustainable and good for our local economy.
  3. We believe that a local food renaissance provides an opportunity for collaboration, product diversity, and food community support.
  4. We believe that a business can provide an ethical, motivational, and educational opportunity to learn, grow, and prosper.
  5. We believe that our beliefs and power of example can influence others to help make the world a better place.