Heritage Small Mary's Bird (7-14 lbs) Turkey Deposit

Mary’s turkeys have access to pastures four times the size of commercial turkey ranches. They enjoy a high protein diet of healthful grains, which allows them to grow larger and more flavorful. These turkeys are free of antibiotics, animal by-products, preservatives, and hormones - and loaded with hearty, delicious flavor for your Thanksgiving dinner. These turkeys come frozen.


Please note: You will be charged a $25 deposit upfront. Once the turkeys arrive, we will charge you the remaining balance based on the bird's final weight. Mary's Heritage birds are $8.99/lb.

 PLEASE NOTE. These birds are live animals that have been happily raised on a farm. While we can't promise an exact weight for your bird, we will try to get as close as possible. If you have a particular part of the weight range you're looking for in your bird, please specify it in your notes and we will do our absolute best to honor it. Happy holidays!

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