Here's how it works.

You’ll notice that most of what we deliver is made in-house. From chef-made meals that are ready to eat, to boxed lunches, to prepared meats, our talented team of chefs and in-house butcher are dedicated to bringing you a variety of sustainable foods made with care.

We also collaborate directly with over one hundred local foodmakers, farmers and ranchers for a rotating selection of produce, dairy, and artisan goods. Through these strong relationships we curate the best each week for you to enjoy.

We’ll stock your home or office kitchen with the best chef-made meals, local produce, dairy and meal kits packed with ingredients to make home cooking fast and easy. Choose from Monday through Friday delivery and if your order is over $50 we’ll deliver it for free!

Eating well for us doesn’t stop at home. That’s why our office catering menu has everything from chef-made salads, wraps, and gluten free sandwiches perfect for your last minute 20 person meeting. Available Monday through Friday from 10:30am to 1:30pm.

From Valentine’s Day Dinner Kits  and Sweets to Thanksgiving Turkeys, Sides and Pies we’re always coming up with new and exciting local foods for the Holidays.  And even better, we deliver it to your door!