Luke's Local's Thanksgiving Partners

November 18, 2023

Luke's Local's Thanksgiving Partners

Turkey Farmers

Good Shepherd Heritage Turkeys

Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch was started by Frank Reese who is the fourth generation poultry farmer in his Kansas family. Maintaining traditional farming practices where turkeys roam freely, mate naturally, get plenty of exercise and graze on the range provides a slower growing process that creates a more flavorful and meaty turkey.

Willie Bird Free-Range turkeys.

The Benedetti family began raising turkeys in the rolling oak studded hills of Sonoma County in 1948. Willie Bird Turkeys are free-range, eat a 100% vegetarian, corn and grain diet free of antibiotics. These broad breasted turkeys are nationally known for their superior quality, tenderness and taste.

Branigan’s Turkey Farm.
The Branigan family has owned and operated their turkey farm since 1942. Their white broad breasted birds are fed organic, vegetarian feed sourced from neighboring farms. When the birds are old enough, they are allowed to freely roam on pasture. Branigan's meets animal welfare standards and are regularly inspected by the county. Because of the way they are processed, their birds retain less water and have a higher fat to meat ratio making for a juicier, more flavorful turkey. Branigan’s turkey farm proudly adheres to organic practices - their turkeys eat all organic, non-GMO feed.

Desserts & pies come from local bakeries:

Batter Bakery

Batter Bakery has been serving San Francisco for over 10 years now; you may recognize them by the little stand at the corner of 555 California St! Owner Jen Musty works with local farms to use only the freshest in-season produce for Batter's goodies. Now that autumn is here, she's serving up fan favorites like the Fresh Roasted Pumpkin Pie.

Shampa's Pies

Shampa's Pies offers the Organic "Sugar-Pie" Pumpkin Pie, a highlight of the fall season. This pie is made from locally-sourced, special organic "Sugar-Pie" pumpkins, baked and carved individually to create its unique flavor. Combined with classic autumn spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, this pie boasts a delicate, light texture, making it a perfect addition to holiday traditions

Each of these vendors brings a unique flavor and tradition to the Thanksgiving table, offering a range of delicious options for the holiday feast. We're so happy to be working with these talented producers!

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