Rize Up Sourdough at Luke's Local

July 09, 2021

Rize Up Sourdough at Luke's Local

"I've never seen a Black baker in my entire life. There are certain things that people don't equate with Blackness. I definitely want people to see me as this is what I am, and this is what I do."

- Azikiwee Anderson, owner


This incredible, pandemic-born business came to be in response to social unrest and the disparate impact of the pandemic experienced by the Black community. The name "Rize Up" has a dual meaning that represents both the nature of dough as well as a need to stand up for justice.

Azikiwee discovered his passion for baking bread during quarantine and transformed his home into a micro-bakery focused on giving back and changing the world one homemade loaf at a time.

We couldn't be more honored to be carrying his loaves at Luke's Local!


Available at our Cole Valley & Cow Hollow markets, as well as on the Luke's Local App.

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